The body is your temple, keep it clean

Record has shown that most of the hair products, skin products, hand products, etc. that we make use of have an hazardous effects on our skin which at times leads to sickness or more. We at KAKIVA Essentials specializes in making standard body care products with NATURAL INGREDIENTS, thus making sure you get the quality desired with no side effects on your skin.


Natural skin care and Hair care consulting.

We render consultancy services to individuals, companies and firms on Natural skin & hair care as well as natural based bodycare products

Manufacturing and Wholesale supply of kakiva natural body care products.

We supply in wholesale and retail quantity to companies and individuals, of our KAKIVA natural body care products nationwide.

Fashion consulting & Modelling

We render company/firm and individual consultancy for companies and individuals on Fashion tips/advices.

Salon services(JUSTT HAIRS) & Make-up

We provide hair and skin services at our mobile salon branches to satisfy our clients modern style needs at JUSTT HAIRS


Natural Hair Products

Kakiva Hair grow Hair cream.

Kakiva Daisy Hair cream.

Kakiva Star Hair cream.

Kakiva Hair Root Stimulating oil

Safe And Healthy Haircare Accessories

Double reversible silk sleeping scarf

Single non reversible silk sleeping scarf

Natural Bodycare Products

Kakiva total body lotion.

Kakiva fresh body lotion.

Kakiva white body cream.

Kakiva eventone body cream.

Kakiva Sulphate Free Shampoo.

Kakiva Deep Conditioner.

Kakiva Soft Conditioning Hair gel.

Kakiva Olive oil Nourishing Hair spray.

Kakiva Coconut/oil Nourishing Hair spray.

Kakiva Organic Edge Control.

Ribbon silk sleeping scarf(KRS)

Silk cut Hair scarf(KC)

Silk base Hair net(KSB)

Silk Hair Ruffles(KS)

Kakiva natural body wash.

Kakiva face toning wash.

Kakiva organic face toner.

Kakiva deodorant body spray (available in 5 different fragrances).

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